All This Love Candle

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From our Vintage Love Collection, A Love Divine and All This Love. There is always room for love and our Vintage Love collection honors the beauty of enduring love. A Love Divine is crafted in our Tahitian Agave scent and All This Love is divinely scented with a custom blend that we call Bohemian Patchouli.

Bohemian Patchouli blends deep patchouli and warm amber with fresh citrus and heady rose and orange blossom for an intoxicating blend of divine creation. We've included blends of jasmine and light notes of rose to round out this fully delicate fragrance.


Note Profile:

TOP: Sparkling Lemon, sandalwood, Orange Peels
MIDDLE: Shaved Cinnamon, Heady Rose, White Jasmine
BASE: Red Patchouli, Warm Amber, bergamot

Burn Time: 60-65 hours