BESOS Candle
BESOS Candle
BESOS Candle
BESOS Candle
BESOS Candle
BESOS Candle
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BESOS Candle

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10 oz BESOS Candle - handcrafted in small batches in Grayson, GA. This candle is all about the language of we called it BESOS. which means KISSES in Spanish. Perfect for your love, or as a beautiful gift.

SCENT: "Flower Basket" with notes of magnolia and peony. Soft and flirty.

10 oz.

Single Cotton wick

Burn Time: 55-60 hours

Handcrafted in 10 oz of our proprietary blend of soy waxes.


Our candles are made with a proprietary Soy Wax Blend, using Fragrance oils Formulated without: parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

Our promise: Vegan & Cruelty-free, Mindful of your body and the environment.


* Sustainably sourced Fragrance Oils and our proprietary Soy blend Wax.

* Free from Parabens, Bleaches, Dyes, Palm Oil, Lead and Tin. 

* Vegan and Cruelty Free.

RECycle and reuse and reduce:

Up-cycle this candle into a keepsake after the last burn by re-using it in your home.

We are all about reduce, reuse + upcycling our vessels and tins. 
Rather than creating another product that ends up in a landfill, I carefully selected the candle vessels and tins so they could easily have another life in your home or office after the candle is done. 

Here are three easy steps to repurpose your vessel when your candle is done:

1. Put your candle in the freezer overnight
2. Remove any excess wax and the wick clip gently using a butter knife
3. Use alcohol or windex to clean out the inside of the vessel

Oh and if you want to get rid of the label, simply use a little heat from a blow dryer or heat gun and you can even use the wipe with alcohol from step #3 to remove the adhesive once it's nice and toasty!

Our candle vessels and tins are perfect to upcycle and use as makeup holders, pen holder, art Brush holders, utensil holders in the kitchen and even in your workshop/garage!