Blessings of Splendor Gift Box

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Introducing Tupelo Rose Blessings of Splendor Gift Boxes!

Our luxurious gift boxes are simply THE perfect gift solution for every special person in your life. Each box includes:

  • Choose from the 6 ounce candles listed below

One Ceramic Wax Melt Warmer of our choice. It will either be our yellow bumblebee warmer, our flower warmer or a solid color warmer as available.

One glass bottle of 22 matches

One Candle Snuffer

Four Tealight Candles for the Warmer

One 6-pack of Small Wax melts of our scent choice.

All of this comes beautifully packaged in a signature Tupelo Rose keepsake box.

*Due to the limited quantity of availability, colors of wax melts, wax melt fragrances, colors or style of wax warmer and snuffer may NOT be requested. We have a limited number of gift box candles for you to choose from and you can make your choice out of the candles listed above only.