Stronger Than Yesterday Candle- Square Vessel

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From our Sanctuary and Soul Collection, this candle in Pineapple Sage scent is a reminder that the more you journey forward in life, the stronger you become. You are a survivor. Every time you light this candle, tell yourself that you already have everything you need inside of you to be all you're destined to be. Strength is within you and you are stronger than yesterday.

One of our most popular fragrances, pineapple sage, is a blissful tropical blend of pineapple, sage, and green leaves. This scent has a fresh cut pineapple top note while a heart of green leaves, anise, and palm adds depth. Earthy sage and sweet sugar in the base round out this versatile fruit fragrance. Bolstered by an infusion of essential oils, like including eucalyptus, cedar, vetiver, palmarosa, clary sage, lemongrass, amyris, black pepper, cade, and blue chamomile flower, this fruity yet herbaceous fragrance is sure to please the most discerning nose. It is powerful and bold, yet sweet and indulgent. Pineapple Sage is pure luxury in fragrance.

Note Profile:

Top: Pineapple

Middle: Green Leaves, Palm, Anise

Base: Sage, Sugar


Candle size: 6.4 oz.

Burn time: 40-45 hours