The Lady Day Candle: Billie Holiday

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We honor the iconic Miss Billie Holiday with a highly aromatic candle handcrafted in a gorgeous, black vessel. This is a specially curated, hand-blended fragance designed with the style and glamour of Lady Day in mind. I have always been obsessed with Ms. Holiday's voice, her style and her activism.

The Lady Day candle features:

  • 13.7 ounces of Handcrafted premium soy blend wax in our heavy, luxury vessel that will last for years.


  • Copper lid because it’s fancy, just like Lady Day.


  • Premium classic wooden wicks that give a subtle crackling sound as they burn.


  • Exclusive hand-blended scent curated by me to honor one of the world’s most glamorous singers.You won't find this scent anywhere else.

I believe Ms. Holiday would’ve loved it. I call it Gardenia Dreaming in honor of the gardenia flowers she always wore in her hair. 💖


An exotic, ethereal blend of pure gardenia and an alluring bouquet  of lilacs, orange blossom and woodsy greens. The highlight is an airy, sweet powdery finish of rose and violet. It is indulgently fragrant and a scent that is reminiscent of the essence of Ms. Holiday herself.


Note Profile: 

Top: Gardenia, Lilac, Jasmine

Middle: Honeysuckle, green leaves, orange blossom,

Base: Powder, Cedar