Candle Parties & Workshops

Planning a special get together for family, friends or teens? Or do you need a creative event idea for a Corporate gathering? We have the perfect idea-  our signature Candle Parties and Workshops!

Each event can be curated to suit your desires or theme. Generally, we bring everything needed for your guests to create 1 or 2 candles- which includes:

candle jars




decorating items

Pricing: $35/person to make one candle

               $45/person to make 2 candles

*Attendees must be 17 years of age or older due to our insurance restrictions. Children are not allowed at the events- please do not bring them as there are many hazards in candlemaking.


We also travel to your home, office or event space to facilitate our candle workshops. So contact us if you'd like to have us come out! Special pricing is available for larger groups and recurring parties/workshops.

We also welcome retailers to partner with us to host our candle workshops in your store or event space! Reach out and let's collaborate!