Set of 8 Premium Cedarwood 4" Cigar and Candle Matches
Set of 8 Premium Cedarwood 4" Cigar and Candle Matches
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Set of 8 Premium Cedarwood 4" Cigar and Candle Matches

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You MUST have these luxury, handmade 4" premium matches in boxes of 8 matches. They are made of cedar wood stems with black tips. Packaged in a thick, reusable, recyclable,  gorgeous signature kraft box with a striking circle on the back- these matches are the perfect complement to your luxurious, new Tupelo Rose Candles! Our handmade cedar matches are also excellent for lighting cigars.
If you are cigar connoisseur, then here are the reasons why you should use our premium handcrafted cedar wood matches to light your cigars:

Cedar, aside from the sulfur tip to ignite your matches, is the most natural way to light a cigar.  It does not contaminate the flavor of the cigar nor does it overheat the cigar when lighting it.  Our cedar wood matches are 4" long and eliminates the hassle of typical shorter matches that take longer to light a cigar.  Even when using lighters to light your cigar, a lighter can overheat a cigar and spoil its taste, so a longer match is nicer for a cigar. Cigars take longer to light with matches because they’re much bigger rolls of tobacco.  Most cigar lovers transfer the flame from the cedar match to an authentic cedar spill to really make the lighting process a true experience for the cigar.  A cigar is not to smoke for addiction or inhale, but rather to take the time to relax and enjoy the flavor of a finely created, hand rolled /made, premium tobacco(s).  It is a very special experience, so igniting the tobacco is a very important step in the entire process, as you do not want to overheat it.  


Our handcrafted cedar wood matches truly compliment and protect tobacco greatly.

Great for gift giving as well. Packaged in Kraft box or black Kraft box with striker on box.
  •  Height: 4.4 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Depth: 0.8 inches
  • Handmade
  • Includes 12 matches
  • Stems tend to break easily, so strike gently, holding them from the middle.